Word Stones Inspire
Word Stones Motivate
Word Stones Sell

WORD ROCKS are IN STOCK River Rocks. They are available in 3 sizes. These natural river rocks are engraved with inspiring, comforting and motivational words.

Some of the many words available are:
Believe, Imagine Strength, Courage, Gratitude, Love, Peace, Joy, Success, Goals, Hope Freedom and Remember.

#900 - WORD ROCKS SMALL are 1.5” to 2” across.
These small sizes are perfect to carry in a pocket or purse.
IDEAL for Fund Raising Gifts, Promotions, Training Groups and as Leave Behinds.
#1100 – WORD ROCKS MEDIUM are 2.25” to 3” across.
These medium sized river stones are a good size for your desk or work area.
IDEAL for Meetings, as Client Gifts, for Employee Incentives, Support Groups and Celebrations.
#1300 – WORD ROCKS LARGE are 3.25” to 4” across.
These large sized river stones are great for paperweights, mantle pieces or memorial stones.
IDEAL for Meetings, Conventions, Promotions and for Memorial Services.
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